Why CoffeeZone Is The Best In Malaysia For Premium Mobile Coffee

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Thinking of having a coffee booth for your event? Look no further! CoffeeZone has all your requirements perfectly combined. They use high-quality ingredients to produce premium coffee flavours at competitive prices, tried and tested by international brands!

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With more than seven years of experience in the field, they specialise in providing mobile coffee catering services anywhere in Malaysia from only RM1588 for 100pax, and the best thing is that they are the only one with latte art printing! Unlike most mobile coffee that only provides basic coffee, this one has a little something extra—a latte art print that is just as luxurious as the coffee itself!

You can print pictures of your choosing onto the coffee in addition to enjoying the delectable brew! How amazing is that?

CoffeZone for big brands
Credit: coffeezone.my/Instagram
CoffeeZone for Mercedes Benz Event. Credit: coffeezone.my/Instagram

Most of you, coffee enjoyers, must agree that latte art alone does not adequately indicate whether a cup of coffee is tasty or not, right? Well, to ensure that customers are satisfied with every sip, CoffeeZone only serves coffee brewed with the greatest and highest quality ingredients, which results in the premium taste of their coffee and other beverages! Consequently, a lot of major brands like Mercedes Benz, Petronas, Toyota and many more have trusted the services of CoffeeZone.

Credit: coffeezone.my/Instagram
Catering for big brands
Catering for big brands. Credit: coffeezone.my/Instagram

Coffeezone’s team, who definitely have a deep passion for coffee, have made it their mission to liven up every occasion with their best coffee and first-rate coffee catering service! If you are planning to do any events like birthday party, product launching, wedding, old friends gathering you can count on CoffeeZone to provide top-notch mobile coffee catering.

Coffee booth setup by CoffeeZone's Team
Coffee booth setup by CoffeeZone’s Team. Credit: coffeezone.my/Instagram

Worry not, it is guaranteed that they will take care of all the setup, logistics, and even tedious details to make sure you have the best time and delicious cup of coffee in hand! All of the guests at your events will be pleased. So, make sure to check out CoffeeZone today!

Website: http://coffeezonestore.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/coffeezone.my/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Coffeezone.my/

WhatsApp: 012 916 8917

Email: CoffeeZone.my@gmail.com